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Released 7/26/2013-  Accordions of Anarchy and Apocalypse. 21 tracks and another hour of music. Features more real instruments and has more of a "band" sound than an electronic one. In addion to playing accordion, many of the tracks feature bass and guitar. 

Released 4/27/2013. Techno-Elctro Dance Party features 20 tracks and over an hour of music. Having a number of songs in the same style just seemed to make sense. This one was done entirely on keyboards even though many of the live versions are performed on an accordion. The title was inspired by this descrption of my live shows  "Harry Pyle is going to bring a dance party more powerful than mecha-godzilla stapled to mothra."

Released 06/04/2008. The Vault is a 500 track DVD ROM. Instead of releasing albums 5,6,7, and 8, the idea was to completely fill a CDROM with mp3 music. Until it was too big and had to go to DVD. The different "Chapters" represent different time periods or sub-albums.

Chapter 0- Before The Crash. a lesson in backing up your data. All the original Harry Pyle songs were wiped clean from the hard drive. Most of the files were recovered. It's highly experimental stuff created with FL 3. For anyone interested in where I got started this is the place. 76 tracks. (1:26:03)

Chapter 1-Are You Ready To Rock, Bitch? originally released as HP's first album in '03. The title track was the first ever song performed live. It's like a theme song and slogan rolled into one. This is when songs first started being numbered. 53 tracks (1:11:48)

Chapter 2-Steedumfanagaly. Some weird made up word. The second album starts to take a less experimental direction and starts to take the form of coherant rock music. It is also the origin of the "Stonehenge" series.  70 tracks (1:42:17)

Chapter 3-The Adventures of Harry Pyle. 3rd Album was just titled "Harry Pyle" and even got some airplay on WEQX. The epic and still performed "Stonehenge II" now features an impressive accordion solo. The "mayhem edition" is included in the bonus "chapter 8"  72 tracks (2:05:15)

Chapter 4- The Fourth Dimension of Music. The 4th album, Includes some of the more popular material. Song "524" and "Stonehenge VI" can both be found on the youtube page. 47 Tracks (1:37:07)

Chapter 5- The Technological Terror of Music- Originally planned as album # 5, it would become The Vault instead. Features the first occurance of bass guitar. 3 remakes of songs from this collection are on Techno Electro Dance Party. 32 tracks (1:14:04)

Chapter 6-Evil Is My Middle Name- Harry Pyle picks up the guitar on this one. The song "666" or "Evil Is My Middle Name" lyrics were inspired by a recorded satanic rant by a friend in my living room. 56 tracks (2:22:04)

Chapter 7- Exoplanetary- The idea was to envision what music would sound like if it was made by people on another planet. Features "Control Freak" A song about a controlling drug addict that hates life and will turn into a human vegetable if they ever touch the one thing they love again. 44 tracks (1:58:17)

Chapter 8- The bonus tracks. 2 Live shows: 5/22/04 first performance ever. and the 3/24/06 RPI show(audio files and video are on the DVD) "Time to Burn" is full band recording of the side project Slow Burn that lasted from '06-'08. 2 almost 30 minute tracks of weird experimental sounds wih guitarist Mike Hunt. There is also prank phone calls to friends and weird songs and even a few alternate versions of certain tracks.50 tracks (2:57:07)